ROC Lesson series


ROC Program: Phase 2 for Personal Development and Joining the Workforce

Our ROC Phase 2 focuses on preparing you for the workforce. In this pathway we build on the interpersonal skills you developed in ROC Phase 1. In this workshop you will identify various career pathways for consideration. You will complete a career assessment tool to help you decide what career is right for you. You will also learn about entrepreneurship as another way to enter the workforce. Finally, you will learn about networking and how to think critically about your options to make the best decisions for yourself. 
ROC: Personal Growth and Development

What's included?

  • An Orientation to Digital Learning
  • 5 Weekly modules and activities 
  • 28 Videos
  • 1 Certificate of Completion
  • Access to Live instructors during weekly office hours 

Phase 2: Working

In Phase 2 of the ROC program you will explore different career pathways and entrepreneurship. You will learn how to find job opportunities and prepare for interviews. You will also lean workplace skills like conflict resolution, business etiquette. Finally, you will explore entrepreneurship and explore starting your own business. 

Phase 1 Modules

Orientation to Digital Learning
Week 1: Career Planning
Week 2: Entering the Workforce:working for someone else.
Week 3: Entering the Workforce: working for yourself
Week 4: Networking
Week 5: Critical Thinking Skills
Meet Our Team

Ursulette Ward

Executive Director & instructor
Ursulette Ward has been an entrepreneur field for more than 15 years. She has a been training and coaching new entrepreneurs since 2005. 

Jules Bills

Training Director & Instructor
Jules Bills has been providing training for new entrepreneurs for more than 10 years. She has experience in small manufacturing, agriculture and is launching a new product through her own business in 2021.

Sara Loftus

Program Director
Sara Loftus has been developing online course content and teaching undergraduate and graduate students since 2004. She has been a small business owner since 1997 and has experience in geospatial technologies, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and Geographic Information Systems.

Kalyn Obiozor

Curriculum Design & Instructor
Kalyn Obiozor  has 10 years of experience in education, training, dropout prevention and career readiness.  Kalyn Obiozor has extensive experience in teaching life skills and sexual health education to middle and high school students as well as providing career and leadership development curricula for program participants.